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Jewish Campus Berlin

Jewish Campus Berlin

"Everyone in Europe talks about fears and uncertainties, we're talking about going forward," said the 44-year-old orthodox rabbi, looking across the large empty plot where a few containers have been set up as a temporary extension of Chabad's kindergarten.
More than just a new facility, Teichtal sees the center as a step toward Chabad’s goal of re-establishing a vibrant Jewish community in the former Nazi capital, in part by welcoming and integrating Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union and encouraging interactions with non-Jews.
Rosch Haschana

Kopf des jüdischen Jahres

Talmudische Ethik (JLI Kurs)

Schwere Entscheidungen. Was würden Sie tun?


7. Januar 2018


Dein Leben und ich -
In der Jüdischen Gemeinde (RBB)

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